VuvuFit Shakashead launch

What a beautiful picture, of what was once just a dream a few years ago and now finally a reality! Our God is faithful! Recently, when I have driven on the freeway and I glance over to see the Shakashead Community working out, I can’t help but feel my spirits rise with excitement and joy. I know our community is getting fitter, stronger and faster every day and not just physically; but mentally emotionally and spiritually.

And that is the heart of VuvuFit: it’s all about bringing HOPE and empowering people to be the best they can be, in a very practical way.

When I see the Shakashead community through the lens of VuvuFit I see:

• Healthy fit vibrant people
• A people, who will rise up as strong, courageous character driven leaders
• A people, who would step up as fathers to take responsibility, of their God given roles and lead and protect their families
• A people, who will stand up to crime and injustices and protect the widows and orphans
• A people, who will mentor and be role models for the youth
• A people, engaging in social and cultural integration…different cultures working out and training together at the VuvuFit box and sharing knowledge and empowering one another.
• Safer communities – that this place would become a family – refuge and a safe place
• Dignity restored where it has been lost
• A people, full of God potential
• A Human Potential Camp
• VuvuFit hosting competitions
• A possible Crossfit African champion emerging out of this space; wouldn’t that be incredible!
• Private and Government sectors working together to offer this to the masses

And so VuvuFit is all about:

• A people who choose to take responsibility and lead courageously
• Building resilient communities
• Empowering one another
• Unlocking people to being the best they can be
• People coming fully alive!
• Being ambassadors of Hope

And I truly believe that this Shakashead vuvufit Box is just the beginning, it is the first of many to come! And so together, we can empower one community at a time and bring Hope throughout our country. If any of this resonates with you and you would like to support this initiative or would like a VuvuFit Box in your community, there are 3 simple ways you can get involved :

1. Sign Up and join the Shakashead VuvuFit community box: guaranteed cheapest gym in town and the best indoor outdoor garage style gym with freeway frontage on the north coast! You also get the privilege of working out with your community.

2. Volunteer your time: If you have skills from a leadership, life and business coaching perspective, we need you!!

3. Sponsor towards the initiative: We are a non profit corporation and can issue you with the section 18A tax rebate for your donation.The sponsored or donated funds will go towards the following:

• Training and resources for the VuvuFit community, Life, Business, Health Coaching and Leadership training.
• Further Site establishment, i.e. change rooms, showers, a siza water connection and training centre.

Where there is unity God commands a blessing and so we need you! And we need each other, together we can make a significant impact.

“Rather than complain about the darkness, light a candle” Prof Thuli Madonsela

And I trust this is what we are doing here: A bright yellow container shining onto the freeway, it is a symbol of hope! So let’s do something; get involved, participate in any way you can and be part of something that is way bigger than any of us.